MS4 Compliance, LLC

Our Mission

To provide comprehensive evaluations that lead to a thorough audit and report of a MS4 stormwater program.


Diana McDonald, lead auditor for MSSS Compliance, has spent thirty years with the EPA, with seventeen of those years in the stormwater program as an enforcement officer and credentialed inspector. She has served on numerous Region 6 and national work groups, developing everything from penalty policies to protocols for conducting inspections at construction sites and audits of MS4 programs.

Diana has developed stormwater training materials for various industries. She was instrumental in brokering a training, inspection, enforcement agreement with Texas Home Builders Association and a more detailed training, inspection, enforcement agreement with the DFW area Chapter of the Association of General Contractors known as TEXO.



MSSS Compliance will conduct an evaluation of your SWMP to ascertain strengths and weaknesses and make suggestions where your program could be enhanced.

We will look at all aspects of your program to see where you can utilize assets you already have within your municipality. You may already be doing Stormwater related activities that aren't included in your program and could make the difference between a weak program and a strong program.

You could also be performing Stormwater related activities that could be reported in your annual report, but because you don't recognize it as Stonnwater related you are passing up recognition you could be receiving. We utilize an in-depth checklist that mirrors that used by EPA.

Stormwater Management Program

MSSS Compliance will develop a program that meets the six minimum requirements of the Stormwater program. That may require talking to any staff that could possibly be involved with Stormwater runoff (e.g., code enforcement officers, parks personnel, etc.).

In order to prevent the MS4 from receiving an enforcement action, including penalties, a strong program is essential. MSSS Compliance can develop one for you.


MS4s are like any other entities that require a permit under the Multi-Sector-General Permit (MSGP) or Construction General Permit (CGP) if they have activities that fall under either of those two permits.

They have to perform inspections and perform some type of enforcement on their own projects, such as maintenance yards, bus barns, or capital improvement projects. MSSS Compliance can perform Stormwater site inspections to help you stay in front of compliance.

Staying in front of compliance will prevent you from incurring a hefty penalty in the event an EPA inspector visits your MS4.